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Braetex Electrical

Company Profile – Established in July 2002 by company director Adrian Bramante is based in the Melbourne suburb of Brunswick. Braetex currently employs over 15 full time employees.

Braetex Electrical prides itself on its versatility, their ability to successfully win large government and corporate tenders whilst still being able to service their domestic clientele.

From humble beginnings Braetex’s has evolved into a company that has the expertise to install everything from Solar Powered renewable resource equipment to C bus automation, Security systems, CCTV, Data and still have time to change your light globes.

With almost 10 years of service Braetex’s strength lies in their experience and professionalism and an unwavering level of commitment to their customers. The Braetex philosophy, to always work with ‘pride, safety and integrity’. Read more from our customers on the case studies page.

Director Adrian Braemante


Over 14 years in the trade company director Adrian Bramante has seen it all and done it all, from domestic wiring, air conditioning & CCTV security systems. If you can flick a switch then you can be sure Adrian has worked on it.

From a young age Adrian was fascinated by electric motors. This fascination with electrical power grew into a career choice. A family tradition of Bramante tradespersons meant it was a natural fit for Adrian to peruse his career in the Electrical field.

Adrian’s apprenticeship allowed him to gain valuable experience with air conditioning installations, domestic and commercial wiring work including industrial, data & Cbus installations.

Shortly after his apprenticeship the decision to go it alone was made. Fuelled by the realization that running his own business would open doors, this would eventually allow him to build a team of skilled professionals working on high profile jobs and government tenders.

The cornerstone of the Braetex philosophy is ‘Diversity’. Adrian realised that by maintaining a broad skill set for him and his staff meant that Braetex have the experience and most importantly the flexibility to tackle any scenario clients can throw at them.